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I'm an associate professor in social policy and head of the research group on population ageing. My research investigates how population ageing challenges welfare states and societies. Im am particularly interested in questions of work and retirement, such as the digitalization of work and options to work after the state pension age. To study these topics, I often apply a life-course perspective and utilize quantitative and qualitative research methods. I am working at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Helsinki University, Finland. Additionally, I am the Vice-Chair of the Research Network on Quantitative Methods.

About my work

Europe currently is the oldest continent in the world and it is still ageing. The following book argues that social inequalities and time-delayed effects ("life-course effects") are important for understanding population ageing. Additionally, this book shows how practitioners and policy-makers can utilize life-course effects in their work.

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Publiation Date: 3/2015

304 pages, hardciver

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The ageing of Europe's population affects societies, labour markets, welfare states, families, and individuals. The following book explains in an easily-accessible way how population ageing transforms Europe:

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Publiation Date: 1/2013

141 pages, softcover and eBook

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A new phenomenon in ageing populations is the increasing number of healthy retirees ("third-agers" or "the young old"). If you would like to know more about this group of older people, have a look at this book:

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Publiation Date: 2/2011

296 pages, hardcover

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